How to Select a Toilet Seat

Japanese based company TOTO ( Tokyo & Tokyo Telephone Corporation) was established in 1933 by a man namedichiro Usui. The name itself tells the story: To (motion), To (stylized as TOTO), and To (spoken in English as TO torae). The company was started to make miniature toilets for small offices and homes. Then, the “To” sound was added to the company name. And from there it all went downhill from there.

When TOTO began producing designer washlets, like the ones you will find in their restrooms today, they had a difficult time finding a wholesaler to supply them with toilet supplies. So, with no other choice, they decided to create their own brand of toilets called TO Toledo. Originally, the company only distributed printed washlet to homes, but slowly they expanded to distributing “high-end” designer washlets. Today, TOTO lathers mainly on producing high-quality toilets.

In order to stay ahead of the pack, TOTO constantly keeps their products updated by introducing new toilet models, latest innovations, and self flushing mechanisms. Recently, the company introduced two new toto toilet models: the Ultramax II and the Ultramax III. The Ultramax II is TOTO’s best toto toilet, offering users a double wash cycle that utilizes two separate, lightweight and powerful heaters.

The Ultramax III is an upgrade to their Ultramax II and offers users a bidet. TOTO’s bidet is also called the Thermo Bidet, and they claim this model is the most technologically advanced bidet available on the market. Not only does the bidet include a temperature controller and thermostatic heating elements, but the toilet seats also include integrated toilet seats. These integrated toilet seats are called Thermo Seats, and they are extremely comfortable and easy to clean, especially when compared to bidet seats that use cold or hot water sources.

Toilet seats that use air dryers, flush valves, and bidet controls that operate using a remote control are generally known as “self flushing” bidet models. In general, these models do not need any type of external plug-in attachments to work, and they provide users with the ability to experience a completely sanitary shower. A self flushing toilet also includes the unique feature of having its own built in air dryer that can be activated via a remote control when the toilet bowl is full. This feature means you don’t have to wait for the dryer to warm up before you can use it. Another unique feature found on many self flushing toilet models is a sensor that shuts off the air dryer after it has dried the toilet bowl to ensure that it is safe to use, and the sensor is usually located at the front of the bowl.

Toilet seats have been a part of our lives for as long as toilets have been around, and the toilet seat height that you choose can have quite a significant effect on the comfort that you experience when using your new toilet. The toilet seat height that you select will depend on many factors including your own personal preference and what features you find most useful, but there are a number of factors to consider when purchasing a new toilet. These include toilet seat depth, toilet seat height, toilet seat angles, all of which can affect your comfort while sitting down. To make sure that you get the right seat for your needs, a visit to your local toilet seat specialist will be a great place to start. This type of professional is trained to offer you a comprehensive and in-depth assessment of your current toilet and to make recommendations of models that may best suit your needs.