TOTO Toilets – High Quality, Stylish Toilet Option

Toto is styled as TOTO and is the worlds largest toilet producer. It was started in 1917, and is best known for producing the Washlet and other derivative products. The company now is located in Kitakyushu, Japan and has production facilities in nine nations. All the TOTO products are designed to be environment friendly, and to reduce waste by utilizing water and energy-efficient light bulbs. It also recycles plumbing materials such as bathtubs and toilets.

While the design of some TOTO toilets may look like an “old-world” style, in reality it is not. For instance, Toto makes a toilet bowl that looks very much like a teak tree. The product is made of clear plastic instead of the natural wood, so that it will not mar the natural look of the bathroom. In addition to this plastic-over-wood look, the seats of some models have been covered with a blanket of fleece or faux down. This is done to help keep the seat cool during warm bathroom temperatures and to keep the seat warm when the bathroom is colder.

As you would expect with any toilet, the TOTO Washlet line has a variety of toilet fixtures including flush, pull-up and un-climbable toilet seats. Flush and pull-up toilets are different than traditional flushable toilets, because you can pull the unit completely out of the toilet tank, rather than just flushing it down. Pull-up toilets are excellent for those who want to save space, but who don’t want to let loose in public toilets where others might disapprove. Pull-up toilets require that the individual sit down to “flush”, and for this reason they are only appropriate for small children. A traditional flush could require the individual to stand up and leave all at once, which is not very hygienic.

All TOTO toilet bowl attachments are made of high-quality plastics that are UV light resistant. This means that your investment will last a very long time, despite the occasional wash-in. The toto toilets also have a patented, ergonomic design that allows the toilet bowl to glide on a frame that consists of interlocking plastic clips. The seat of the TOTO Propa depends upon a single frame, as opposed to two frames used by some competitors. This unique seat design ensures that there is little or no slipping around while the toilet is being used.

When it comes to the TOTO Propa White Noise booster, this model provides the most amount of options for customizing comfort. You can adjust the toilet seat height, which allows for a comfortable height for many people. You can also choose from a number of options for the toilet bowl itself. Some models are designed to match the style of the entire toilet, while other models are designed to be an upgrade to the regular toilet seats. The most basic models of the TOTO White Noise will cost you less than a hundred dollars, while a more advanced model will set you back nearly a thousand dollars.

To conclude, TOTO toilets are highly affordable and are perfect for any homeowner. This company not only offers functional toilets, but they offer affordability and style. TOTO offers a variety of toilet options, but the most popular are elongated bowl and the Proza. The elongated bowl toilet is perfect for anyone who has limited space or who lives in a small apartment. Many people who own a toto toilet also use the toilet seat height adjustment to turn their elongated bowl into a miniature shower stall.