TOTO is a Japanese-American company that specializes in toilet seat cushions and other bathroom accessories. TOTO itself is spelled totoy, but it is commonly pronounced to huh-totoh. It is best known for its Washlet brand, which it began producing in 1917. The company is located in Kitakyushu, Japan, and has manufacturing facilities in nine other countries worldwide. The majority of TOTO’s revenue comes from Japan and the United States.

TOTO’s main product line is a variety of accessories and toilet seat covers called Washlets. Washlets are manufactured by hand and assembled in factories with high levels of precision. Each individual part, such as a toilet seat cover, a toilet seat leg, or a hand scrubber are manufactured according to strict guidelines to create a perfect fit. When purchased from a TOTO store, customers can look through a wide selection of Washlets and choose the one that suits their needs best.

In addition to providing custom-designed restrooms, TOTO also offers standard and adaptable toilet parts such as toilet tank valves, bowl valves, water control valves, seat grips, water control valves, seat lifters and more. In order to maximize the efficiency of each individual part, TOTO develops a series of tests to ensure optimal performance. TOTO’s goal is to produce toilets that have the greatest degree of user control available. TOTO’s goal is to provide their customers with toilets that consistently perform at a high level even under the most demanding conditions.

TOTO’s most popular line of products is the Ultramax II. The Ultramax II is one of the most technologically advanced toilet products on the market today. It offers a variety of self-flushing options including a high volume flush and a dual stage self flushing system. The Ultramax II also has a high volume pre-stop flush. If your bathroom needs additional functionality, the Ultramax II may be the best toto toilet for you.

TOTO’s third most popular product is their heated toilet seats. The heated seat offers two levels of heat, which helps to regulate the temperature of the seat and keep your feet warm in warm temperatures. Some models of TOTO’s heated toilet seats also offer a backrest for ultimate comfort and support. TOTO’s heated toilet seats come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your bathroom’s size and design needs.

TOTO’s newest product, the Ultramax II, offers the power of two toilets in one. By purchasing two Ultramax II, users gain the ability to prepare two loads of food at the same time and eliminate the need to prepare two loads of dirty diapers at the same time. When it comes to the heated seat, UltramaxII is rated highest in safety by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Ultramax II is also built-in with the latest self cleaning technology. Users should check their specifications to verify if a heated seat is included with the toilet that they plan to purchase.