TOTO is the world’s biggest toilet producer. It was founded in 1917, in a small town called Ooty, in India. The company is well known for designing and manufacturing the Washlet, Bidet, etc. products.


In its quest to be the number one toilet producer, TOTO always designs toilets with user-friendliness at top priority. TOTO believes that hygiene is an important aspect of a person’s personal care. As such, they design toilet seats with comfort, fit, and most importantly, ease of use at the forefront.

TOTO believes that it is their unique ability to merge functionality and design in order to produce world-class washlets and bidets. They believe in providing their customers with a bathroom experience which is both comfortable and healthy. This is why the TOTO Company is renowned for its ranges of toilets – conventional, low flow, re-circulating, modern, designer, ergonomic, bi-fold, etc.

If you want to buy TOTO products, you can go to their retail stores in most cities or you can check for them online. In case you have visited their retail stores in your city but found them expensive, you can always check for their prices online. You might also find some discount offers on various models of TOTO products if you visit their official website from the comfort of your home. Most of their products are also available with warranty options as well.

TOTO believes in giving its customers the best service possible. For this reason, the company ensures that its customers receive fast, reliable service, excellent customer care, as well as superior quality toilets and washlets. With TOTO’s long-standing experience in designing, engineering, manufacturing, delivering, and maintaining washroom facilities, they know exactly what it takes to ensure that each customer receives the best possible toilet and washroom solution. All their products are designed keeping in mind various individual requirements and a wide range of hygiene needs.

If you need a bidet, then you must consider the TOTO bidet seat. The toto toilet seats come in very good designs and are suitable for all users. They have very soft and comfortable seats, the heat and pressure sensors make cleaning very easy, you can also get them in various colours like blue, brown, black, red etc. And the best thing about these toto toilet seats is that they also come with heated seat.

If you have decided to use your toilet instead of using toilet paper, then you should also consider buying a TOTO toilet tank. They have different designs such as traditional and contemporary. And the most useful part is that they have built-in flushing systems. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about flushing your toilet manually anymore.

To keep your toilet clean all the time, you should consider getting the TOTO Drake 2-piece collection. This series is made of high quality materials and comes in different colours. All the colours are made to blend perfectly with your toilet to give it a stunning look. All the products in this collection come with a free shipping service, low price, low prices, free trial period, and also an annual maintenance package. If you want to check the latest offers, just log on to the internet and visit any of the leading brands online, where you will find the TOTO Drake 2-piece collection from where you can make your decision. The brand website is Trina Turk, while the e-commerce site should be Cairns Wholesale House, for more information on this amazing offer.