Since its establishment, TOTO has been making groundbreaking improvements in bathroom design. They are very popular among those who like to take a bath to unwind from a hard day at work. TOTO Ltd., styled as TOTO, is currently the world’s largest bath furniture maker. It was established in 1917 and now is known for producing the Washlet, Roper Rhodes, and other derivative products.


The business is located in Kitakyushu, Japan and has production facilities in nine other countries worldwide. A major portion of the TOTO products are washlets for the homes and hotels, which have earned it a strong reputation in the international market. There are many reasons behind the success of the toto toilet brand. These include:

The innovative concept to improve the user’s comfort and ease while using the toilet. They introduce new and innovative technology in the toilet seat height, which includes a seat that adjusts in height according to the users’ leg size. The users are not required to squat down or even stand up. Their position can be adjusted from an upright to a variety of different sitting postures. This has reduced the hazards related to injuries sustained during bathroom use. Many other innovations have also been introduced in toto toilets, to enable and facilitate family members and adults alike.

For instance, the all new Shower Flash feature of the toto range allows the user to flush the toilet without waiting for the regular flush. The water indicator light in the toilet flushing lever also tells the user when it is time to turn on the water and flush. Another innovation is called the “Flush Toilet”, which directs the user to the right side of the toilet to push down the handle and release the handle. Therefore, you can simply push a button and flushing takes place automatically.

The most common reason for not using toilet option is the fear of heights. For this very reason, many toto toilets now come with high-quality hand rails and built in support braces to lift the toilet seat. Furthermore, a number of toilet manufacturers have designed toilets for senior citizens with reduced legroom to make them more accessible and comfortable. High-quality toilets also provide easy maintenance and are durable.

The toto toilet is one of the few toilet options that can offer comfort, reliability and durability in a range of prices. High-quality toilets can be purchased from your local dealer as well as online. Online purchasing offers a number of advantages including competitive pricing and faster delivery. In addition, you can order these high-quality toilets online by clicking away to another site.