Toto is an American rock band, formed in 1977. The members of the group are Steve Lukather, John Pierce, Joseph Williams, Dominique “Xavier” Taplin, David Paich, and Robb Searight. Toto has released a number of classic albums and continues to tour today. Their music is both progressive and traditional, with a focus on progressive rock and heavy metal. The band has won several Grammy Awards, including two for Best Metal Album.


In 2001, Toto’s lead singer, Joseph Williams, was fired during a tour for their seventh album, The Seventh One. The band decided to replace Williams with Jean-Michael Byron. The new singer received a number of endorsements and was hired by Columbia’s A&R director. After the tour ended, Toto released a compilation album called Past to Present. The album featured four new songs, and a cover of “The African Song” by Steely Dan.

Toto’s vocals have changed over the years. While the first book featured only a few songs from the band, the second book, The Lost Princess of Oz, reveals that the band’s lead singer can talk. Toto is also the first Mimic to recognize the Mimics in Oz. Its lead singer, Joseph Williams, is the first member of the band to realize that other animals can speak, and he also reveals his ability to speak.

In early 1981, Toto’s third album, Turn Back, was released. This album featured fewer keyboards than the previous two. The band’s lead single became an annual fixture on the tour in Japan, but it failed to chart in the rest of the world. While the second album had been successful in the US, it was not as successful in Japan. In 2011, the band announced that it would take a break after the 2019 tour.

In addition to its albums, Toto has collaborated with other famous artists. Their members have recorded songs with Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, and Eddie Van Halen. Their members have performed on the album of Michael Jackson, “Beat It.” During the 1980s, Toto’s popularity continued to grow, earning them international acclaim. However, the band’s original members are no longer a part of the group.

Despite being a rock band, Toto nearly broke up in 1992. After Byron’s death, the band was forced to call a new singer. The new singer, Mike Porcaro, was the fourth to leave the band. Toto’s first lead vocalist, Kimball, was also killed in an accident while working in his garden. In addition to Jeff Porcaro, he had worked with Englishman Simon Phillips on a previous tour with Santana and Jeff Beck.

In addition to their albums, Toto has also played a number of festivals and concert series. In 2001, they performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival and won the World Championship. The band’s first concert at the festival was broadcast live and recorded in high quality. It was recorded live by Toto and featured songs from Kingdom of Desire and Jake to the Bone. The band has since been touring across the world and releasing new albums.