The Japanese company Toto is best known for its Washlet toilet design. It is present in nine countries and has production facilities in seven of them. The name TOTO is stylized as “Toto”, which means “to do”. The company has produced high-quality toilets for more than a century. It has been in the industry for over a century, and its designs are renowned around the world. There are many products available from Toto.


The band’s music has been influential since the mid-1980s, when the group was formed. They had several hits that reached number one in the charts, including “Beat It” by Michael Jackson. Toto members also played on albums by Sonny and Cher and Boz Scaggs. However, after the release of the album, the band decided to stick with a lineup of five members. Toto’s members were renowned for their musical abilities and were sought after by many artists.

The band’s most famous song is “Hello, I’m Dorothy!”. The band’s second part, titled “The Lost Princess of Oz”, features the sprightly toto. Toto’s music was inspired by the mythical Wizard. The movie is set in the same universe as the original, which makes it a timeless classic. Toto is the perfect band to perform at a wedding or a birthday party.

The original members of the band had been in the United States for about six years, but the band reformed in the summer of 2000. Despite the break, their band still performed a few shows during the reunion tour in Europe. In addition, the band reunited with some of their former members, such as Bobby Kimball, who had returned from a hiatus to deal with the illness that had been plaguing his life.

The band’s members adopted the name “Toto” to be more popular. They were known for their signature swaying sounds. Toto’s name was first used by the Italians. This group’s drummer, Jeff Porcaro, became a star after he died in a rehearsal. The members of the group later used the Latin words “in toto” as a synonym for “all-encompassing”. The band’s first album was called “Toto.”

It’s a common misconception that Toto is a Cairn Terrier, but in reality, the British band is a Boston Terrier. While their second album, Tambu, was popular in the United States, the UK’s release of “Toto” influenced the design of toilets in many other countries. Besides being popular in the U.S., Toto’s third album, Turn Back, had a heavier guitar and fewer keyboards.

Falling in Between Live is Toto’s fourth studio album. It was recorded in Paris in March 2007, and was released in 2008. It features a Bob Marley cover, a Steely Dan cover, and a Leland Sklar cover. This album was a hit in the United States. It is a great example of modern music. Toto is a contemporary rock band that can be found on any stage. Toto has a unique style and is well-known.