Super One
Erectile Dysfunction Pump
Product Code: MP3005

super o

The SuperOne Vacuum Erection Device helps restore sexual function and helps treat impotence in 90% of impotent men. The Vacuum Erection Device is a non-invasive and low cost alternative to chemical and surgical procedures that treat impotence and has a relatively high probability of successful erection, making it an ideal solution for impotence. Using the Encore system, penile rigidity can be maintained for as much as thirty minutes.


  • Both a battery and manual Vacuum pump that twists into penile tube for easy one hand operation.
  • 7 different sizes of rings (more than any other system on the market)
  • Easy to use ring loading applicator
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Educational video and an easy instructional manual
  • Sample lubricants
  • Lifetime warranty on pump and tube
  • Patented ring ejection system
  • Stylish and discreet Carrying Case

The American Urology Association's clinical panel on treating impotence has recommended vacuum device treatment as a safe and effective non-invasive treatment. Penile injections, urethral inserts, oral medications, and implant surgery can have harmful side effects and require frequent doctor visits and high refill cost.

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