Bidets – Choosing the Right One For Your Bathroom

To many, the definition of toto means restraint or withholding, specifically as a resource or an end. However, it actually refers to the state of being selective in the way one prefers to take something away or not taking it. In legal contexts, toto can mean a refusal to respond to a creditor’s demand for payment of some debts. Thus, it also refers to an inability to bargain down the debt owed to a third party.

To some people, the very idea of having to deal with such issues as toilet paper, shampoo, toothpaste, and the like makes them want to break free from the control of others, particularly those who seem to have the money to pay their debts. Indeed, it seems that everyone has their own reasons why he or she refuses to comply with the rules imposed by others regarding budgeting, financial obligations, and so on. Thus, a solution to this seemingly insoluble problem is to have a self-cleaning toilet paper holder.

A toilet paper holder is a unique fixture that is fitted to both the commode or toilet bowl and the bidet. It is meant to prevent the waste or excretion from falling into the bowl or toilet and clogging the pipes. When such happens, a malfunctioning toilet paper holder leads to an unhygienic situation. On the one hand, the bathroom or the toilet and its adjoining areas are left without hygiene; on the other hand, the occupants of the room who are subjected to such unhygienic conditions do not have a pleasant experience when visiting other areas of the house, particularly the bathroom, due to unsanitary conditions.

Thus, for these two reasons, a toilet paper holder or a self-cleaning bidet is an ideal fixture to avoid this unhygienic situation in the bathroom or any other place in the house. To achieve this, there are two different types of these devices – the conventional type that you can find in most houses today, and the more advanced but lesser known type that is being sold on the market today. The conventional type uses an electric spray wand that sprays water onto the toilet paper during a self-cleaning cycle. As you might guess, this requires a lot of effort and isn’t really practical for those who are too busy to attend bathroom needs like brushing teeth or shaving.

The self-cleaning bidets, on the other hand, use a plastic nozzle to spray water as well as a small amount of shaving gel onto the toilet paper during a self-cleaning cycle. The nozzle attached to these bidets allows the user to avoid having to scrub hard objects like hard toilet seats or hard floor surfaces. This type of bidet is a popular choice among people who are suffering from common illnesses like urinary tract infections.

The last bidet we will discuss here is the handheld bidet. This bidet is very easy to use and comes in a compact size. With a hand held bidet, you can clean your butt and genital area from a distance using only your finger tips. These bidets are perfect for people who find it hard to climb into the tub to clean their anus. This device has a wand with a nozzle that allows the user to wipe his or her bottom from a distance. This type of bidet is preferred by people who are suffering from ailments such as cystitis because it is easier to control the flow of water and reduce the risk of bacterial infection.