Finding the best chorus pedals for s sound isn’t easy. You have all of those to choose from and you don’t want to make a mistake when it comes to the sound you are going after. If you’re like most musicians, your list of goals is probably long. And as you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that the next item on your agenda is making sure your signal chain sounds its absolute best.

While most companies sell chorus pedals for s sound, they don’t actually talk about what that specific pedal does for your sound. If only there was a way to play powerful s sound on any chord, you’d open up a whole new world of sounds and textures with your guitar. According to many experts, the chorus pedal for s sound that is ideal for live performances has some consistent features.

Our team does all of the hard work for you, so you can make the smart choice without having to waste countless hours researching them yourself. There is no need to wait any longer. Choose between the best chorus pedals listed above. If you’ve answered yes to these questions, it’s time you tried out our best chorus pedals. They’re nothing short of amazing. Just ask our customers!

Donner Tutti Love Pure Analog True Bypass: Best Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal 

Donner Tutti Love Chorus is the newest chorus pedal from Donner. This chorus pedal is ready to use right out of the box, with an intuitive and easy operation. The rich analog tone of this pedal is packed into a small chassis for easy transportation. It features a True bypass design that maintains your guitar’s original tone even when the Donner Tutti Love Chorus is switched off.

You can also use it as a clean boost by selecting a low gain setting. This chorus pedal is derived directly from the classic analog chorus sound of the late 1970s and ’80s. Analog chorus pedals create smooth, warm textures by adding subtly to intense tones that depart from the original signal. A Chorus guitar effect pedal can spread your sound over a wider spectrum for some unique textures and breadth.

There’s a reason that many engineers, including professionals such as Steve Vai, Trey Anastasio, Craig Federici, and Chris Chaney use Donner Tutti Love Chorus on their recordings or live performances. This is a fully analog chorus pedal featuring pure analog circuitry. A great chorus sound.

A chorus effect is a copy of one or several notes played by a guitar, typically routed through a simple delay line and mixed back with the original note(s), creating an “oboe-like” effect where multiple notes are played at once. This can also be referred to as a “stereo echo.” This is a true bypass effect pedal to change the tone and make your guitar have that special flavor.

This is a musical tool to make your guitar solo really stand out in the mix. Donner Tutti Love Chorus is an analog chorus guitar effect pedal with a pure analog true bypass circuit. This pedal has lush, soft vibrato and rich, shimmering chorus tones.

Donner Tutti Love: Top Rated Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal

Donner Tutti Love Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal Pure Analog True Bypass is a chorus pedal inspired by the chorus circuits found in vintage analog synthesizers and guitar preamps with simple operating controls, True bypass, high-quality audio grade components, and audio taper pots. The Chorus depth control gives the ability to go from mild to wild chorus effect.

Chorus is a subtle, wavering sound created from the combination of two or more sounds whose frequencies are nearly but not quite, identical. The effect can add a lush depth to any instrument ranging from strings, flute, organ, synthesizer, or even lead guitar and vocals. The standard modern implementation of the chorus is a multitap delay with short delays and feedback control.

This is a real tube-driven analog pedal known as the best chorus pedals for shoegaze. The pedal was founded on the famous German-designed EF86 tube which is originally used in the coveted vintage Echoplex tape delay units, and the transformer-based circuit captures almost all the characteristics of the celebrated unit.

Donner Tutti Love Chorus is a true bypass guitar effect pedal that features a rich analog tone that will add depth and texture to your sound. With two separate level settings and an analog dry signal, you can fine-tune the volume of the chorus effect to your liking. Don’t be afraid to experiment with using other pedals with this chorus pedal!

This is a digital stereo chorus, featuring very low noise tracking with sweeping analog chorus modulation. The Tutti Love gives you the best of both worlds: a true analog, a chorus-modeling effect that sounds organic and natural, unlike the darkening and thickening effects of typical octave pedals.

The organic true-analog sound combined with the deep sweep of the LFO creates an amazing depth for creating rich organ and synth tones, even violin and sitar-like sounds.

JHS Pedals 3 Series (3SCHORUS): Excellent Chorus Pedal for S Sound

The 3 Series Chorus is a small enclosure chorus pedal built with Keeley Mod, Tails, and Reverb. Since its inception, the Chorus has been a standard effect in many stages rigs. perfect for shoegaze, ambient or psychedelic music. Works great for guitar and other instruments too! This is JHS Pedals’ first foray into the Chorus territory.

We took the concept of making a chorus pedal as in-depth as our distortion pedals and applied it to this 3-in-one chorus, flanger, and Vibrato pedal. The JHS 3 Series Chorus pedal features a ton of control, with a depth and level to make any shoegaze singer-songwriter happy.

This is an update to our widely popular 2 Series, which has garnered the reputation of being one of the most in-demand chorus pedals on the market. The 3 series is also loaded with features such as true bypass, a completely isolated and regulated effects path (with 9-volt battery option), and low loss buffered bypass switching.

This is the most pristine analog chorus for a lush, rich sound that will turn a clean amp into a sultry, jet-engine of tone. It is designed and assembled with the highest-grade components available and uses custom Accutronics reverb tanks for superior reliability. A highly adjustable sweep ranges from subtle to intense with an incredibly accurate rate at 800mS.

With all this, the circuit is still very quiet and will not distract from your playing or become an annoying sonic character in the mix. This little black box will change the way you play and allow you to place notes in a way that makes it seem like they’re moving around you. If you plan to use this pedal for shoegaze, please go to, select other sellers and search for JHS Pedals 3 Series Chorus.

EX-Gemini: Superb Chorus Pedal for S Sound

The EX-Gemini Chorus Pedal offers a wide variety of chorus and vibrato effects, with selectable dual, in or out-of-phase modes. Switch instantly from chorus to vibrato with the tap of a footswitch. Two modes on the fly! This chorus pedal provides stereo out plus true bypass. Longer decay and more stable performance than the older EXP series.

This is a good chorus and an excellent value. This chorus pedal gives you gorgeous chorus tones in an easy-to-use design with plenty of headroom and volume. The level control blends your clean guitar signal with the effected sound for a perfect mix. Add shimmering ambiance to your clean tone or use it to add some flash to your chords and riffs.

This Chorus Pedal was created as an addition to the successful EX series of mysterious and inexpensive analog pedals designed and built in Japan. The design is a completely original creation by our Japantown engineers, with zero influence from the ’80s chorus pedal market. It combines the most lustrous and enchanting features of both chorus and vibrato into a new hybrid effect.

This chorus pedal bridges the gap between vintage and modern, with a rich tone that can be dialed in to match your sonic needs. Chorus fans will love its long-awaited return. You already know that the chorus effect is ideal for adding depth and spaciousness to your sound.

From lush, warm sounds to sparkling, shimmering washes of tone, the chorus pedal gives you full control over the shape and structure of your sound. This Chorus Pedal is the latest and from Eventide.

This multi-effect is packed with a wealth of great delay and pitch effects as well, making it versatile enough to be used in any style of music. The lush effect definitely shines best when used in a clear, uncompressed signal chain.

FLAMMA FS05: Fantastic Multi Modulation Pedal Guitar Effect Pedal

The Flamma FS05 Multi Modulation Chorus Pedal comes in a compact unit with a super-bright LED display, high-impact aluminum casing, and smooth, quick operation. It is easy to install and use for the beginner who might be just getting started using chorus pedals for worship while providing the features found in units more expensive and those that are available from leaders in the pedal industry.

This is a small but powerful stereo modulation effects pedal that contains 7 editable modulation slots. You can store up to 11 of your favorite patches into the pedal and use them in any order you like. The pedal also offers two modulation types simultaneously – Chorus and Vibrato, or Flanger and Phaser, etc.

It’s a great tool to enrich your guitar sound with new effects components and bring more color to your music. This is a multi modulation chorus pedal that delivers seven techniques in one. Chorus, Tremolo, Flanger, Phaser, plus three overdrive effects define this inspirational pedal which also has a stereo input and output – making it the perfect partner for stereo FX systems.

Independently controllable Depth and Speed controls vary each effect’s intensity whilst the Modulation Mode switch allows you to transition between seven different operational modes. This is an amazing little multi modulation chorus pedal, which has the ability to emulate 7 different modulation effects including chorus, flanger, vibrato (tremolo), phase, pan and mono, wow, and auto-wah.

In addition to these 7 modes, there is also a mode that allows you to program your own custom modulation effects. In addition to chorus, flanger, and tremolo effects, it has multiple LFO waves for more than 50 types of modulation. It features high-grade circuitry and true bypass for your tonal needs.

Amuzik Guitar BBD Circuit Pedal: High Rated Analog Chorus Effect Pedal

The Amuzik chorus pedal employs the MN3007 BBD circuit, can provide warm, pure, and clear high-quality chorus sound. As it is mini in size, it is portable to carry around. It can bring you an amazing effect that is worth the money you spend. The advantage of this pedal is that it uses the MN3007 chip, also known as the BBD(Bucket Brigade Delay).

This is the rare vintage chip and it’s not used in most chorus pedals on the market. This Chorus Effect Pedal is made to the highest standard, made with a true bypass, and has the highest quality components. This is one of the warmest choruses on the market and works perfectly for your electric guitar or any instrument that needs to add effects.

This Chorus Pedal is a chorus pedal that uses the rare MN3007 chip with a high, warm, clean, and clear chorus sound. Using BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) circuit technology which controls the delay time and repeats ensemble. It also includes true bypass design and compact size. This Chorus Pedal is a High-Quality, Small and Simple Design.

Using the Amazing MN3007 Chip With Best Warm and Clear Sound Quality This Chorus Pedal will Compliment Your Playing, While it’s Because simple design It can Be Easily Applied to Every Player’s Style! The Amuzik Gauge provides you with a vintage analog chorus effect that is useful for all kinds of music.

You’ll find that it works especially well with acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, basses, and even vocals. This chorus pedal uses the rare MN3007 chip with high warm and clear chorus sound, which is completely different from the brightness and overdrive of a distortion pedal.

This pedal is essentially a chorus maker, so when you plug your instrument into it you should hear the sound of this effect immediately.

Koogo Chorus Pedal: Magnificient Analog Chorus For Electric Guitar for S Sound

Koogo Chorus Pedal Analog Chorus For Electric Guitar & Bass is the best choice for you! Made of high-quality material, this pedal will give you a wonderful performance and keep working for years. It has wonderful cool ocean sound, which is great for now popular genres such as pop, rock, jazz, country, and so on. It is the best of chorus pedals for shoegaze!

This is the perfect gadget for shoegaze. The bass mode delivers rich bass sound. By adjusting the depth, tone and volume knobs of Koogo chorus, you can create many different sounds from soft and warm clean to heavy overdrive or various modulation effects, which excels on clean electric and acoustic guitar tones as well as electric bass. You will enjoy playing in bed with Koogo chorus.

It gives a warm, thick, ambient, and lush tone to instruments. Koogo pedal is made of high-quality material, durable enough to use for a long time. This analog chorus has three new ranges of frequency sweep so that it can create new kinds of sound effects. Chorus is a nice effect to add to your guitar sound.

A chorus pedal creates a thick, lush sound and is useful if you use single-note lines or play chords. This Koogo Chorus Analog Chorus Pedal comes with all the essential controls: rate, level, depth, and effect (chorus/vibrato). The guitar pedal comes with an on/off stomp switch which is useful when turning the effect on and off during playing so as not to continuously be switching between the two sounds.

The pedal makes it easier to hear what you are doing when playing. This allows you to create the exact chorus sound you want! Traditional analog chorus effects add depth and dimension to your playing with lush, slightly detuned, haunting tones that blend perfectly with your original signal. If you are tired of digital melodies with chaotic effects, Koogo have the solution for you!

Donner Alpha Cruncher 3 Type Effect Delay: Amazing Chorus Distortion Multi Guitar Pedal

The Alpha Cruncher is a versatile pedal that offers 3 effects in one. With a 3-setting selector switch, you can choose and combine any 2 effects: delay, distortion, and chorus. An ideal tool for shoegaze or noise-rock fans, the Alpha Cruncher can also be used as a boost or for an overdrive effect.

Alpha Cruncher is a multi-effects pedal that provides entry-level pedal users with an ideal solution for practicing, composing, recording, or playing live. This easy-grip pedal has three distinct effects sections labeled Drive/Dynamics, Delay/Modulation, and Chorus/Flanger with their unique sounds. The excellent value Alpha Cruncher comes complete with an AC adaptor.

This pedal blends lush chorusing with a smooth RTL (reverse-tape) effect to create a powerful yet warm chorus alternative, perfect for shoegaze or indie rock. The standard stereo audio output allows this pedal to be used easily with any amp setup. This Pedal is one of the best choices for chorus pedals here. With perfect sound and different types of effects, this best-seller thing is your key to success!

It delivers creamy choruses, rich analog-sounding delays, and harmonic distortion tones with clarity and definition. If you are on the lookout for the best chorus pedals for shoegaze, then you should check out the three effects in a single pedal- alpha cruncher 3, which is one of the best chorus pedals for shoegaze.

This allows you to switch on and off between different effects within a single pedal, thereby saving space on your pedalboard. Also featured are four ways of high impedance operation and true bypass switching. The Donner Alpha Cruncher was meticulously designed by a team of top musicians and engineers to be the “smartest” distortion pedal you have ever used.

We have included as much as we could in an effort to not only make it high quality but also the most versatile distortion/overdrive pedal on the market.

VSN Guitar Chorus Pedal: Best Analog Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal

The VSN Guitar Analog Chorus Pedal will give your tone an effect of the warm and clean chorus. The VSN Guitar Analog Chorus Pedal gives you the ability to create a rich, wonderful-sounding chorus and also offers independent control of the rate and depth of the effect, for a broad range of chorus textures. It makes playability more easily, also makes the sound more vivid.

This is specially designed for electric guitar and bass. It provides stereo output, super stereo chorus sounds with a variety of depth and speed control. It builds in the pure analog circuit which provides a warm and clean chorus.

An ideal dedicated pedal unit for your rig, its compact housing contains top-quality components that will provide that lush, luscious ’80s lush, luscious ’80s analog chorus sound to your rig. With the added benefit of True Bypass switching, which will not alter your signal when the pedal isn’t engaged, you can enhance your sound without creating any unwanted noise or distortion.

If you are going for a classic chorus effect, VSN  is the right choice. It consistently delivers the warm and clean tones of the vintage chorus. VSN Guitar Chorus Pedal – Think warm, think vintage, think the ’80s. A warm and rich chorus tone where “cut-off” ranges from 0% ~ 75%, creating a depth of sound and character.

In short, you just need to play it and you will know why it has gained an incredible reputation in such a short time. VSN Guitar is a brand dedicated to manufacturing quality guitar effects, we do this for several years, and now is the best timing to introduce our products to our respected customers.

Rowin Analog Pedal: Amazing Quality Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal

One of the most played keyboards in history, no Rhodes player should be without a chorus pedal. With a deep sound suited to Rock, Blues, and Jazz, the chorus pedal can liven up any performance. A tried and tested effect pedal, our favorite is the Rowin Analog Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal which comes with an array of different controls.

This Rowin Analog Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal Features true bypass and heavy-duty, gold-plated relays made of high-quality durable copper material to reduce oxidation and current loss. This pedal is built with a switch-able low-frequency oscillation that adds extra depth, dimension, and overall beautiful sound to your tone.

With its true bypass switching, it’s the only chorus you need for all of your playing needs. The chorus effect was born out of a desire to enhance the spatial aspect of playing guitar. Without it, one can only imagine how many more amazing guitarists would have never developed their career as they did.

The Rowin Analog Chorus produces an awesome lush chorus sound, which is most noticeable on strummed or picked notes. It has fast and slow speeds with smooth and accurate sweep, and even increases the depth of tone much like a stereo effect does. This is a moment of life that happened to me. It is my surprise, my ecstasy.

The excellent and give you a real tone and the best chorus effects which can satisfy you so much. If you are a musician or music lover, don’t miss this analog chorus pedal! Our reviews take into consideration the quality of materials, sound, and ease of use, among other factors, and each product listing includes extensive information about why each pick earned its place here.

This pedal is designed to fit on the bottom or top of your instrument for added versatility so you can make any instrument sound great. Use this chorus guitar for smooth and musical transitions between notes for a warmer and more natural sound.