As a bass player, you want to get the most out of your instrument. You’re not looking for shiny gadgets or gimmicks, you want it to be easy to play and sound good.

Finding the best bass synth pedal can be a soul-sucking hell. You need to sift through countless hours of Youtube videos, Google searches, and message board debates about which pedal is best for you.

It becomes an even more soul-sucking hell when you try one out only to find it’s broken or dead in a month. If only there was an easy and quick way.

Luckily you found your way to the best bass synth pedal review website. Read this review of the best bass synth pedal on the market right now.

BOSS SY-1 Guitar Synthesizer Pedal: Best Bass Synth Pedal

The BOSS SY-1 Guitar Synthesizer Pedal is a versatile, 16-step analog-type guitar pedal that allows you to create an array of sounds like you’ve never heard before. It includes 1/4″ and XLR outputs, as well as an expression pedal input for foot control of filter and pitch.

The SY-1 is the most advanced multi-effect pedal that BOSS has ever produced. The device really puts the power in your hands with three separate sound engines to shape your sound and offer huge versatility. Overdrive, distortion, and delay effects are on offer for a rich-sounding pedal that won’t break the bank.

The Boss SY-1 is a multi-effect instrument that combines the sound of a digital synthesizer with the response and feel of a traditional guitar. Quick and easy to set up, it allows musicians to add synths to their music, making it easier to perform with several sounds at once.

The SY-1 bass synth pedal was designed primarily as a synthesizer pedal but can be used for other instruments and sound sources as well. It contains many of the functions you expect to find on an electronic synthesizer, not on an effects pedal. Four knobs adjust individual parameters, which combined with the dedicated buttons allow the creation of a wide variety of sounds. A recent edit to the manual adds MIDI control over all programmable parameters!

The SY-1 was one of the very first guitar synths, and it remains as relevant today as ever. Ease of use, a great sound, built-in effects, and the sheer cool factor of having a synth inside your pedalboard make it a classic.

The last time I checked there were more than 200 or 300 guitar synthesizer pedals available. The first ones were big, heavy, and quite expensive. Synthesizers were really something for the ’70s, the synth-rock people, and the synth-pop artists.

Nobody played a guitar synthesizer live in front of an audience in the ’80s. In the ’90s things started to change. I was one of the lucky few to own a Roland GK-2A guitar pickup when they just came out bringing innovation to the world of guitar effects-evoking the sound and feel of classic monophonic synth tones in a durable stompbox. This distinctive, all-analog pedal is perfectly suited for a range of monophonic synths, including recent electro-mechanical instruments from Moog Music and boutique brands like Analogue Solutions and Moog Opus 3.

Best in Polyphonic Synth Effects Pedals The classic polyphonic synth is reborn with this modern take on the BOSS classic – the SY-1. The SY-1 shines when playing lead synth lines with up to three notes as the pedal can be controlled as a guitar synth of sorts. The authentic analog circuitry gives a rich and voluminous tone that is true to the original SY-1 of 1978. It offers 2 voice modes, Upper and Lower (music term for voices)

The BOSS SY-1 is a polyphonic synthesizer with a distinctive personality, an ideal choice for keyboardists and guitarists who want a more pronounced voice for their instrument and music. Based on the classic mini-synth of the 1980s, this device features a definitive synthesis engine that recreates the distinctive sound of analog synthesis in a compact pedal. Highlighted by its powerful editor/librarian software, it offers an unlimited world of new sounds.

Give your bass a voice and see the world of synth effects in a whole new way with the BOSS SY-1. This powerful, polyphonic beast of an instrument provides you with everything you need to start making serious sounds. From classic analog synth sounds to more out-there weirdness, this little guy can do it all. its compact, 4″ x 5″ chassis has an intuitive control layout that makes complex sequences and phrases easy to arrange.

This best bass synth pedal is your gateway to realistic analog synth sounds. Inspired by vintage monosynths, it doesn’t just provide one or two distinctive analog synth voices as part of a preset bank, but three: sawtooth, pulse, and square waves. This lets you create your own sounds for each of the three tones, using their volume, filter cutoff, resonance (from subtle to screaming), and an amp envelope with sustain and decay controls.

The Boss SY-1 is a modern remake of the classic Polyphonic and Monophonic Synthesizer. It’s an all-analog signal path and includes a patchable modulation section that allows you to create complex tones not usually seen on Boss synths. This pedal has a built-in speaker, so you can just plug in and go. It’s also battery-powered to amplify your sound while on the go or when loudness is an issue.

The BOSS SY-1 keeps up with the times. You can play clean and simple chords or use subtle detuning effects in a patch. There’s also a wide range of more complex settings where the SY-1 offers sounds that are rich and compact. With its two-voice configuration, you can use stacked patches for thick textures or alternate voices for complex soundscapes. The SY-1 is an ideal choice for emulating vintage tones as well as creating new sounds from scratch.

StompLab Multi Effects Modeling Expression Guitar Picks Synth Pedal: Perfect Sound for a Bass Guitar

The VoxStompLab 2B Bass Multi-Effect Pedal is designed to tailor the perfect sound for a bass guitar. This compact, powerful floor pedal offers 12 built-in effects that are tailored for the bass’s lower registers. The first four effects in the StompLab 2B’s chain can be controlled via an expression pedal or manually, while all remaining modulation and delay effects have dedicated knobs.

Introducing the stomplab 2B, the ultimate synth bass pedal with a tough aluminum design and pro features like variable analog and digital delay. From taking your bass sound to the next level to achieving an elusive tone, VoxStompLab 2B is loaded with a total of 18 great-sounding effect models that you can arrange in any order to craft your perfect sound.

The real-time double footswitch operation lets you jump instantly between two different settings and the included expression pedal gives you more creative control

Introducing the VoxStompLab 2B bass multi-effect pedal, a new type of bass effects processor that combines the flexibility of a stompbox with the ease of a multi-effects processor. With powerful tone-shaping capabilities and effects that replicate classic bass amp sounds, the StompLab 2B can deliver a wide range of audible flavors in an easy-to-use pedal. The StompLab 2B provides a choice of 5 separate program banks, each with 4 preset selections.

The VOX StompLab II-B is a 1/4″ output guitar pedal that receives and transmits the sounds of low-frequency instruments. At the receiving end, the two-band equalizer lets you customize the sound before it reaches your amp to provide for a smoother distortion, less noise, and better performance. The StompLab II-B’s loop function includes three types: Standard Control Loop, True Bypass Pedal Loop, and ADAT Loop.

Setting the standard in bass guitar multi-effects pedals, this powerful new version of the VOX wah-wah pedal is perfect for both beginners and more experienced players alike. Dedicated knobs and switches make it easy to edit and store your settings, and a cool blue backlit LCD screen lets you see what you’re almost rehearsing in the dark. EZ Tone feature lets you easily create your own presets and use them as starting points for building killer sounds.

Experiment with the top sounds and settings in your favorite songs, or create your own edgy bass effects with this pedal. Simply tweak any of the 14 editable effects in real-time, including Parametric EQ, Compressor, Overdrive, Pitch Shifter, Amp Simulation, and Delay/Reverb. Adjust and save each effect separately for your own one-of-a-kind sound.

An advanced preset mode allows you to save at least four programs of your own as a user program, and you can use the full-time effect on any kind of instrument !!!

Behringer Overdrive BOD400 Authentic Tube Sound: Top Quality Synth Pedal for Bass Guitar

The BOD400 Bass OverDrive gives you authentic tube sound overdrive straight from the studio. This bass guitar synth pedal includes a Drive, Level, and Controls for ”Tone” for fine-tuning your sound. Plus, its transparent, natural overdrive will let the full character of your bass and amp shine through! Hand-built in the USA; lifetime warranty.

The Bass Overdrive is a true-bypass pedal that delivers all of the qualities that guitarists have come to expect from Behringer. Based on the legendary Ibanez TS808, this BOD400 features an additional bass boost switch for those low-end riffs to stand out in your music. Connect it to your amp or any recording equipment and enjoy the warmth of tube sound.

The BOD 400 Bass Overdrive delivers the best effects pedals for synths. This bass pedal is ideal for musicians who want to instantly add some dirt and edge to their bass sound, but without sacrificing the low end and sustain they are accustomed to. Featuring a three-band EQ for total tone sculpting, this stompbox uses a 12AX7 vacuum tube and has separate controls for drive, level, and shape.

Inspired by the legendary Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer, this pedal offers authentic tube sound, including warm overdrive tone and smooth tube amp-like compression. The BOD400 features true  for maximum signal path integrity, and an external IEC power jack for easy power supply connection. Plus, its battery compartment lets you use optional 9V batteries to jam all night long.

Designed to immediately add tube-powered boost and overdrive to any bass amp or recording setup, the Bass OverDrive pedal from Behringer has become a favorite for bass players everywhere since it arrived on the scene. With its uniquely thin housing design, the Bass OverDrive pedal is made to fit into compact pedal pockets in larger pedalboards and travel bags, making it easier for bass players to take this -driven stompbox to venues all around the world.

The BOD400 is a bass-specific circuit built around an ultra-linear MOSFET that delivers pure tube-like overdrive. It’s a preamp clone with both passive and active inputs that will absolutely give you the tone required for any application. The BOD400 also features a Contour knob that allows you to add more low-end if needed.

The PTN series was developed by BEHRINGER Germany to offer professional musicians a means of taking their sound to new heights. With more than 25 years of experience in engineering and producing electronic instruments and gear, BEHRINGER is one of the leading manufacturers for today’s musicians.

RowinPlexionDistortion Guitar Bright: Effiecient Synth Pedal for Bass Guitar

The RowinPlexion is a versatile distortion pedal that can work with almost any instrument. The amount of distortion it puts out is variable, allowing you to customize your sound.

The RowinPlexion Distortion is a pedal with an attitude, capable of churning out aggressive gain sounds optimized for metal, punk, thrash, and other heavy genres.

The RowinPlexion Distortion generates thick, deep sounds and clear crunchy tones that are ideal for heavy rock music. It features 100-200mW output levels, a built-in noise filter, and an easy dial control system. It also offers LED indicators to show the effect’s level.

Introducing the Plexion, Rowin’s first-ever and effect pedal. Not only is it designed to look as great as it sounds, but also to be extremely versatile. The Plexion houses five different amp sounds in one pedal, plus a built-in drum sequencer.

The sounds included are:

We’ve taken our best-selling pedal and given it a little more attitude. The Plexion is the ultimate in distortion with features such as analog-style clipping, semi-parametric mid-band control, and dual outputs to mix your dry and affected signals.

The Plexion features a hybrid circuit design, simple controls, and a clear sound that can fit any kind of electric bass guitar music.

This is a distortion/overdrive pedal. It was designed to get you the Hendrix Experience. It can be used for metal and blues also. This pedal has actives pickups, which means they need batteries, so this pedal comes with two batteries that last for a very long time. It`s a great pedal, works well, and comes with batteries !!!

Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff Distortion Pedal : With Top Boost Guitar Effects Synth Pedal

The pedal is designed for effects like heavy metal and rock, offering a level of distortion with a warm sound. Its volume control allows you to increase or decrease the amount of distortion. Switch modes from an overdriven tone to one with sharp brightness using the dip switch settings. The Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff Distortion with Top Boost guitar effects pedal provides many different sounds at the touch of a button.

The Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff Distortion with Top Boost amp effect pedal is an excellent choice for metal players looking for a fat, high-gain distortion pedal. It features a volume and tone control, a built-in high-frequency boost, and is equipped with a standard ¼” input jack, top-mounted toggle switch, 1/8” headphone output jack, and an AC power jack.

The best bass synth pedal features a Muff Fuzz that is reminiscent of the vintage pedals. The Metal Channel has a Top Boost to add extra fizzle and girth. The Metal Muff Distortion includes a tone bypass switch for ultimate flexibility, and both channels have separate controls for Gain, Tone, and Volume plus a Drive knob to control the amount of distortion.

Need a versatile overdrive to take your tone from country to hard rock? The metal muff distortion pedal from electro-Harmonix is the best bass synthesizer pedal for adding aggression to your tone. This effects pedal features a top boost circuit that adds sparkle to the top end (above the 2 o`clock position of the tone control) and volume control, so you can cut off your distorted signal altogether. You can use this effect pedal whenever you like, or add it to an existing

The Metal Muff Distortion was the first pedal Electro-Harmonix released, and it’s been highly sought-after by guitar players since its release in 1977. With the Metal Muff, you’ll get a vintage distortion that will work with any style of music.

The Metal Muff had a swagger while maintaining sweet tonality. Combining the harmonically rich distortion of the legendary Metal Muff with a modified Top Boost circuit, this new pedal is an instant classic, capable of classic rock crunch to all-out thrash! The compact die-cast chassis was engineered to deliver maximum sustain and minimum noise. The dual footswitch features an effects on/off status LED for each channel, plus an added LED to let you know when it’s safe to use

The Metal Muff is a compact, easy-to-use, professional distortion pedal designed especially for guitar. Extremely versatile, it can produce high gain tones reminiscent of modern heavy rock and metal, while deemphasizing the frequencies responsible for unwanted feedback and amplifier roar. In fact, the top boost control was specifically added to meet the demands of modern rock and roll guitarists who frequently find themselves needing to switch back and forth between rhythm and lead tones during live performances.