Toto, stylized as TOTO, is Japan’s largest bathroom product maker. It was established in 1917, and now is most recognized for creating the Washlet and related products. The company is located in Kitakyushu, Japan, which has manufacturing facilities in nine other countries. By tradition, all TOTO products are hand-shaped, rather than mass-manufactured.


Toilets by TOTO, like all Japanese toilet companies, are distinguished by their distinctive round shapes, with the “T” shaped on one side and the “O” shaped on the opposite side. Although TOTO did not invent the toilet, they were among the first to use the japanese scooped method of defecation, also called “waraji.” As one of the earliest manufacturers of japanese style toilets, TOTO came out with a variety of different models to fit the tastes of consumers everywhere.

The company’s elongated design is probably responsible for the “TO” trademark. The elongated design makes the toilet easily accessible to users. The elongated shape also helps the user flush without having to stoop over or pull the seat down. The elongated shapes of the “TO” flushing system are nearly identical to the toilet seat flanges used in automobiles. The elongated shapes are also similar to the elongated shapes found on many kitchen sinks.

TOTO’s universal design also helped to create another advantage with the “TO” trademark. Because TOTO created toilet seats that fit individually, they could offer a seat with a standard height that is not necessarily taller than the average home’s standard height. This meant that consumers could choose a standard height toilet and a short flush if needed. This gave them more room to add accessories and make their bathrooms more interesting. Universal designs would have been bland without the flexibility afforded to consumers. This gave TOTO an additional edge over its competitors.

Today’s market has even further provided TOTO with an opportunity to take advantage of their position in the industry. With the development of TOTO Heated Seats, the company took the next step forward and developed the first ever heated seat and warm air dryer combo. The development of the heated seat and air deodorizer combo marked the next step forward in TOTO’s development of high-end bathroom accessories. With the introduction of the heated seat and warm air dryer combo, TOTO was able to give consumers yet another reason to buy their products.

The development of TOTO Heated Seats, Heated Bathroom Suite, and Chrome Trip Lever allowed TOTO to further improve on its unique image. The product features of TOTO Heated Seat, Chrome Trip Lever, Heated Bathroom Suite, as well as TOTO Heated Seat/ WC Cleaner has made it an icon in the industry. In addition to its unique image and superior product features, TOTO has also expanded into other markets like baby care products, hair care products, health and wellness products, household cleaning products, home maintenance products, industrial products, sports goods, automotive products, medical supplies, office supplies, stationery, specialty products, food service equipment, baby goods, and household cleaning supplies. This has made TOTO one of the most diversified international brands in the contemporary world of corporate hospitality.